Grace Reflection – September 9, 2015

Dear Grace family,
This is not a political statement to me but is a theological one: “Planned Parenthood not only murders babies, but does so in a most gruesome way.” The question is: “What do you believe God thinks about what Planned Parenthood is doing?”.  The only way to determine this is to go to the Scriptures, which are clear on this issue (Psalm 139 for one example).  I don’t know if you watched any of the videos which were from live interviews of leaders of Planned Parenthood, but if you think about what they are saying, they make you sick to your stomach.  How is it possible to kill children to harvest body parts?  The Planned Parenthood executives talked about this while eating a meal, as if it was no big deal.  It was a way to make money.  Never mind the reality that children still in their mother’s womb feel pain like you and I feel pain.  This is both horrific and illegal.  Yet, many of our political leaders voted to still fund an organization who admittedly is harvesting baby parts illegally.  This is beyond belief!
I don’t know if or how you have responded to this clear and horrific information.  I have made two choices.  Any political leader who agreed to still fund Planned Parenthood after watching this, I will not vote for them for any reason.  I know there are other issues out there– many of them.  But can you vote for anyone who has such a lack of moral character that they support this kind of activity?  I, for one, cannot.
And second, I have increased my personal prayers for both the unborn and for the Lord to judge Planned Parenthood and close it down, no matter what He has to do to make this happen.  This is a dangerous prayer, because if God chooses to judge America because we have put up with the sacrifice of our children on the alter of expedience or making money, then this will deeply affect every one of us.  Just to be clear, I am not telling God in my prayers how to judge and shut down Planned Parenthood, but I am asking Him to do this.  Ann and I have financially supported Lifeline Crisis Pregnancy Center and ministries like this in every city where we have lived.  We will continue to do this.  But how else might the Lord use us to stop the killing of the unborn.  I would encourage you to seek the Lord on this also, if you have not done so already, and ask Him what He would have you do.  Doing nothing cannot be an option for us as followers of Jesus Christ.
Grieved by the response of our nation to the unborn, yet still praying in faith,