New Series: What Happened After Jesus’ Resurrection, Week 10

What’s Next in our new series? Part 10 in What Happened After the Resurrection?
The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day is the most astounding truth in history. The evidence for the resurrection is overwhelming. Almost as stunning is the way this message spread across the known world, so that Christianity moved from an unknown sect to the most transforming movement in history. How did this all happen? What did God do? What part did the early disciples have? These are questions we will be exploring for the next 2 months at Grace EPC. Come join us on this journey!

Part 10, Changing Perspectives 

Have  you ever thought something was correct, but then discovered that what you thought was true, is not actually true? If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then your understanding of life comes from the Bible. Come to Grace EPC to hear how God got Peter’s attention, and showed him that his beliefs were incorrect. We all need God to do this– to change our thinking and our hearts so they line up with God’s mind and heart.