Everyone loves a good story. The story of Jesus is a story of grace, hope, and love. It’s the best true story ever told. We believe that preaching is telling God’s story. It is part of how we worship God through learning His story.

Part of our Confession of Faith in Jesus is that He gave us a pattern of what our priority is to be in worshipping God. Jesus placed a priority in the teaching and preaching of the whole word of God. He also gave a priority to the gracious ordinances that are the sacraments of baptism and communion.
Grace EPC practices these ordinances in our worship of God. This is part of our following the pattern of Jesus telling stories and sermons to those who would hear what God has for them.

Under the gospel, when Christ, the substance, was exhibited, the ordinances in which this covenant is dispensed are the preaching of the Word, and the administration of the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. ~ Westminster Confession of the Faith, 7.6.

Below you can find the archived sermons from those that have spoken at Grace EPC as we try to continue in the gracious tradition of Jesus. Click the title for the sermon text and additional information.

Who Jesus is

August 26, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Hebrews 1:1-4,2:1 |

August 19, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Acts 1:1-8 |

Lord save me

August 12, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 14:24-30 |

August 5, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 15 |

July 29, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Ephesians 1,6 (selected) |


July 15, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Joshua 1:1-7,9 |

July 8, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Romans 7:21 - 8:16 |

The Glory of God

June 24, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 1:1 |

Encounters with Jesus

June 17, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Mark 10:46-52, Matthew 22:15-22, John 18:37-38 |

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